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Content PolicyThis page documents a global Telepedia policy. All Telepedia users should follow it, and changes made to it should be discussed on the talk page. In the event of any differences in meaning between the original English version and a translation, the original English version takes precedence.Telepedia Staff
This policy was last updated 17/04/2024

The goal of Telepedia is to provide communities a place to build a database and community around an IP that they’re interested in, and to allow that community to flourish and develop over time. This policy, thus, outlines the kind of content Telepedia will host and the policies surrounding such content, and should be consulted before requesting a wiki.

First and foremost, this Content Policy follows precisely Telepedia’s Terms of Use and thus, it is assumed that consultation and acceptance of this policy is also explicit acceptance of the Terms of Use.

1. General Terms

In accordance with the Terms of Use, it is accepted that Telepedia is free, at any point, to modify, delete, or redistribute the content submitted to the platform. It is also accepted that content is freely available for Telepedia to use for commercial activities, and that Telepedia may, at any point, modify the advertisements served on communities.

Furthermore, all communities are public viewing; Telepedia does not host private wikis, and communities seeking such are encouraged to check out other wiki farms which will allow this and are happy to do so. As a result, communities on the Platform are indexed by search engines and will be freely discoverable.

2. Mass Protection

Telepedia’s aim is to provide communities a place to come together and build around their passions, as a result, wikis are meant to be freely editable by anyone. As a result of this, wikis most be freely editable and nobody should be unduly restricted from editing.

Mass protection of pages without a specific reason in the aim to make a wiki private is prohibited and is a large detriment to the health and development of a community. Wiki’s may, however, be restricted from editing by anonymous individuals if this is proving detrimental to the wiki’s health; communities are required to hold a consensus for this and retrospectively form a Phorge Ticket for this to be actioned.

3. Content Guidelines

Telepedia will only host wikis on certain topics. These are detailed below:

  • Television or Streaming Service series;
  • Movies or movie franchise;
  • Games, whether this is a Console, PC, Steam, etc;
  • Anime and/or Manga series;
  • Books or Comic series;
  • Music or Discography.

If you think that your wiki would be a good fit for our platform but does not explicitly fall into the above categories, please reach out, we may be able to acommodate you!

Telepedia will not host wikis that fall into the following categories:

  • Wikis that disseminate misinformation or where their main purpose is to spread false information in the hope of misleading the community;
  • Wikis about sex, or other pornographic material, even if this is portrayed with a warning or in a non-sexual way;
  • That have no topic beyond spam or vandalism;
  • Used primarily as a image repository;
  • Promote behaviours that are illegal in the United Kingdom. Specifically where content may violate the United Kingdom’s Fair Dealing Policy or any other copyright laws.

Content submitted to the platform should not, in any instance, perpertuate pornographic material, or any material that would otherwise be considered illegal under UK law; this includes submissions that detail sexual exploitation.

Wiki content must, under all circumstances, adhere to the category in which it was placed when the wiki was requested and subsequently founded. Wiki content deviating from this will be deleted, and if subsequent breaches occur, the wiki may face closure and eventual deletion if the issue is not fixed. Eventually, it is hoped that wikis will be sorted under tags and categories to allow greater flexibility, but this has not yet been implemented.

4. Copyright

Content submitted to Telepedia must explicitly abide by the copyright policies of the United Kingdom. Most content submitted to the platform is assumed to be licensed under Fair Dealing, specifically images. Nonetheless, Telepedia must act if a DCMA Takedown Request is issued by the copyright holder.

Communities are welcomed to file a counter-claim if they believe that the content does not breach copyright, and communities will be given full support to do so if it is clear that the content abides by copyright laws. If content is found to breach these laws, Telepedia will have no choice but to remove the content or close the wiki dependent on the extent of the breach.

5. Wiki Forks

Telepedia is happy to host forks of communties from other MediaWiki hosts as long as they fall into the afformentioned categories and align with our goals. As a result, the decision to host a wiki fork is at the sole discretion of Telepedia. Furthermore, Telepedia will not host forks of wikis that are forking because their wikis have been closed by their former host for disruptive behaviour and/or negative press.

6. Licensing

Content hosted on Telepedia must abide by the CC BY-NC-SA license. This means that other wikis (or other platforms, irrespective of MediaWiki or wiki hosting) may use the content submitted to the platform for their own means — as long as it is not commercial — but must provide proper attribution to said content. If you believe that someone is using your content without proper attribution and is not following the terms of the license, please let us know by emailing us at community[at] If appropriate, we will submit a DMCA claim to have the content taken down.

Similarly, content hosted on Telepedia that is taken from other sources must follow the same. This means that users must attribute to where the content is taken from and be mindful of the portability of licenses and whether the content would fall under a portable license when hosted on Telepedia. For example, CC BY-SA content would not be compatable with Telepedia because the Creative Commons license requires that content be "shared alike" — more on this here. This does not mean that Telepedia endorses copying content from other sources in replacement for creating quality content yourself.

7. Wiki Closure

In the event that a wiki forks from Telepedia, we are happy to provide an XML dump of the wiki, which can be taken to a new platform. We cannot provide an image dump, but users are free to obtain one themselves through any method they wish. Telepedia, however, reserves the right to keep the wiki open for other contributors and as such, whether a wiki is closed or not post-fork will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Wikis which primarily host content deemed 'not safe for work' (NSFW; including but not limited to wikis focusing on lewd games/TV series, etc.) must follow the following rules

  • No content deemed 'not safe for work' (i.e. explicit imagery) may be posted on the main page of the wiki.
  • A dismissible site notice must be displayed which alerts users that the content is not appropriate for those under 18.
  • Explicit imagery, where possible, should be collapsed by default.

Wikis may not feature subdomains or sitenames which make explicit mention of content deemed 'not safe for work', lewd, and/or obscene.

9. Violations of this Policy

There are times when Telepedia may become aware that a wiki is violating the Content Policy. Where we become, or are made, aware of such instances, we will take swift action to deal with such violations. The nature of the action will be determined by such nature of the violation.

  • Where a single page or multiple pages violate the policy, where feasible, these pages will be removed from the Platform and the associated wiki will be warned about such violations in the future.
  • Where the scope of the violation extends to an entire wiki, or is too large in nature to reasonably handle, the wiki in question will be closed and deleted.

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