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Note: This page documents an extension currently in development that is scheduled for Platform wide release before the end of January, as such, it is not yet available

Telelytics is an extension that allows wiki administrators to see Google Analytics data, among other data, about their wiki. Administrators can view this data on-wiki, rather than having to request access to Google Analytics—although for wiki administrators wishing to have Google Analytics access, this is still an option and can be requested by contacting Staff.

Telelytics is meant to be used to help wiki administrators on growing their wikis, by showing them how their wiki's pageviews have changed over time, along with other metrics such as what people are searching for. Please do not share data from Telelytics with anyone other than your wiki community in closed spaces without the approval of Staff. Especially, do not share screenshots from this page. Analytics access is available at Special:Analytics on your wiki.


Telelytics provides a lot of useful data that could help you gauge how your wiki is performing over time. Such information includes:

  • Number of page views in the last thirty (30) days.
  • Browser breakdown.
  • Device breakdown (mobile, desktop, or tablet)
  • Top visited pages
  • Search terms

The data in Telelytics is cached in Redis to reduce the amount of calls to Google's API. This is done both for performance and due to limits on queries to Google Analytics. As a result, the first time a user accesses Google Analytics that day, that data will be cached in Redis and will not be updated for twenty-four (24) hours later. As a result, the current day's metrics may not be reflective of the actual data for that day, but it will be the following day once the cache expires from Redis.