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    Discord is a real-time instant messaging and VoIP service providing users with the ability to communicate between one another. Whiki has its own Discord service, which aims to provide an easier way to communicate and discuss the things happening on the platform. You can find more about Discord here, and there are some useful links below too.




    • #rules: These are the rules of the Discord server, they follow the Platform Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They also follow Discord's policies, so ensure that these are followed and reviewed as appropriate.
    • #announcements: This channel is for updates about the Platform, and for anything breaking that users need to know.


    • #editorial: A relay between our editorial content on Wordpress and the Discord server. It sends an @here ping everytime an article is published.
    • #general: A channel for general conversation, whether it is about Telepedia, or other MediaWiki related things; or just anything in general.
    • #wiki-activity: A bridge that relays contributions on every wiki on the Platform directly to Discord; this helps with management and keeping an eye on things, but also seeing which wikis are the most active.


    • #support: This is a forum-based channel where users can ask for assistance with problems or other issues. Users must use the categories to correctly categorise their posts in this channel.

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