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Telepedia utilises CDN caching to cache pages served to users. This enables us to reduce the strain on our servers and as a result, speed up page delivery. This is good news and is leads to increased performance and better page tests results — this can aid in SEO efforts and improve our ranking within search engines.

At the minute, we're caching around 78% of page views. This is because we only cache page views for anonymous readers, to ensure that we're always serving up-to-date pages to our editors. This relies on the detection of cookies sent by CentralAuth, so if you're not logged in, you will perhaps see outdated pages as a result. Also, if you don't allow cookies, you'll see outdated pages (but you also won't be able to log in).

Pages are set to expire in 30 days. This means that the oldest version of a page you'll see is 30 days old. Due to the fact that we're caching at the DNS level, it is hard for users to purge the cache of the pages themselves using MediaWiki's purge function. Users, however, can request that the cache is purged for their entire wiki, or a specific page. To do this, please reach out either by email (at community[at], or reach out via Discord and we'd be happy to purge the requested pages/wiki.

We're working on an extension that will allow users to purge the cache using our cache API, but the timeline for this is currently unknown.